Woody plants that are native to, or naturalized in, Oregon are listed below in alphabetical order by their "scientific names" (their Latin binomials), more or less according to their height, ranging from large trees to low growing ground covers.  Naturalized plants refer to those plants that are not indigenous to Oregon but were introduced into the State and have become widely established in natural areas.  Many such plants are considered invasive, since they frequently damage natural areas by altering ecosystem processes, in part, through the displacement of, or hybridization with, native plants.

Native and Naturalized Oregon Trees - more than 100 ft (30 m) high
  Needle or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Abies amabilis       [Pacific Silver Fir]

·  Abies concolor       [White Fir]

Note: recent evidence indicates that the apparent Abies concolor found in Oregon forests are actually a hybrid between Abies concolor and Abies grandis, Grand Fir, and are now designated as Abies concolor × grandis.

·  Abies grandis       [Grand Fir]

·  Abies magnifica       [California Red Fir]   ---  (info) only

·  Abies procera       [Noble Fir]

·  Chamaecyparis lawsoniana       [Port Orford Cedar, Lawson Falsecypress]

·  Larix occidentalis       [Western Larch]

·  Picea sitchensis       [Sitka Spruce]

·  Pinus jeffreyi       [Jeffrey Pine]

·  Pinus lambertiana       [Sugar Pine]

·  Pinus monticola       [Western White Pine]

·  Pinus ponderodsa       [Ponderosa Pine]

·  Pseudotsuga menziesii       [Douglas Fir]

·  Sequoia sempervirens       [Coastal Redwood]

·  Thuja plicata       [Western Red Cedar]

·  Tsuga heterophylla       [Western Hemlock]
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Chrysolepis chrysophylla       [Golden Chinkapin]  (may also be shrubby at the limits of its range)

·  Fraxinus latifolia       [Oregon Ash]

·  Populus trichocarpa       [Black Poplar]

Native and Naturalized Oregon Trees - 75-100 ft (23-30 m) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Calocedrus decurrens       [Incense Cedar]

·  Chamaecyparis nootkatensis       [Alaska Cedar, Yellow Cedar]  (syn. Xanthocyparis nootkatensis)

·  Picea engelmannii       [Englemann Spruce]   

·  Pinus contorta var. latifolia      [Lodgepole Pine]

·  Tsuga mertansiana       [Mountain Hemlock]
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Acer macrophyllum       [Bigleaf Maple]

·  Arbutus menziesii       [Pacific Madrone]

·  Lithocarpus densiflorus       [Tanbark Oak]

·  Umbellularia californica       [Oregon Myrtle, California Bay]


Native and Naturalized Oregon Trees - 50-75 ft (15-23 m) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Abies lasiocarpa        [Subalpine Fir, Rocky Mountain Fir]

·  Picea breweriana      [Brewer Spruce]
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Alnus rhombifolia       [White Alder]

·  Alnus rubra       [Red Alder]

·  Betula papyrifera       [Paperbark Birch]

·  Populus angustifolia       [Narrowleaf Cottonwood]

·  Populus tremuloides       [Quaking Aspen]

·  Quercus chrysolepis       [Canyon Live Oak]

·  Quercus garryana       [Oregon White Oak]

·  Quercus kelloggii      [California Black Oak]

·  Robinia pseudoacacia       [Black Locust]  (Naturalized - invasive)


Native and Naturalized Oregon Trees - 30-50 ft (9-15 m) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Cupressus bakeri        [Baker Cypress, Modoc Cypress]   

·  Juniperus occidentalis        [Western Juniper]

·  Juniperus scopulorum        [Rocky Mountain Juniper]

·  Pinus albicaulis       [Whitebark Pine]

·  Pinus attenuta       [Knobcone Pine]

·  Pinus contorta var. contorta      [Shore Pine]

·  Pinus flexilis       [Limber Pine]   ---  (info) only

·  Taxus brevifolia        [Pacific or Western Yew]
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Cornus nuttallii       [Pacific Dogwood]

·  Prunus emarginata       [Bitter Cherry]   

·  Rhamnus purshiana       [Cascara, Chittam, Cascara Buckthorn]


Native and Naturalized Oregon Trees - 20-30 ft (6-9 m) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Juniperus communis        [Common Juniper]  (from prostrate mats, less than 18 inches, to 30 ft trees)
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Acer circinatum       [Vine Maple]

·  Alnus incana ssp. tenuiflolia   (syn. Alnus tenuifolia)    [Thinleaf Alder, Mountain Alder]   

·  Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata       [Sitka Alder]   

·  Amelanchier alnifolia       [Western or Pacific Serviceberry, Saskatoon Berry]

·  Betula occidentalis       [Water Birch, Red Birch]   

·  Celtis reticulata       [Netleaf Hackberry]

·  Crataegus monogyna       [Common, English, Singleseeded Hawthorn ]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Elaeagnus angustifolia       [Russian Olive]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Malus fusca       [Western Crabapple]

·  Prunus subcordata       [Klamath Plum]   

·  Prunus virginiana       [Common Chokecherry]


Native and Naturalized Oregon Shrubby Trees/Tall Shrubs - 8-20 ft (2.4-6 m) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Juniperus communis        [Common Juniper]
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Acer glabrum       [Rocky Mountain Maple]

·  Artemisia tridentata       [Big Sagebrush]

·  Betula glandulosa       [Bog Birch, Dwarf Birch, Scrub Birch]

·  Ceanothus integerrimus       [Deer Brush]

·  Ceanothus sanquineus       [Redstem Ceanothus, Buckbrush, Oregon-tea]   ---  (info) only

·  Ceanothus thyrsiflorus       [Blue Blossom]

·  Ceanothus velutinus       [Snowbrush, Tobacco Bush, Cinnamon Bush]

·  Cercocarpus betuloides       [Birchleaf Mountain-mahogany]   

·  Cercocarpus ledifolius       [Cutleaf Mountain-mahogany]   

·  Cornus sericea       [Redosier Dogwood]

·  Corylus cornuta var. californica      [Western Hazenut, California Hazelnut]

·  Crataegus columbiana       [Columbian Hawthorn]

·  Crataegus douglasii       [Douglas or Black Hawthorn]

·  Garrya elliptica       [Wavyleaf Silktassel, Coast Silktassel]

·  Garrya fremontii       [Fremont Silktassel]

·  Holodiscus discolor       [Oceanspray]

·  Lonicera ciliosa       [Western Trumpet Honeysuckle]

·  Lonicera involucrata       [Twinberry, Black Twinberry ]

·  Menziesia ferruginia       [Rusty Menziesia, Fool's Huckleberry, False Azalea]   ---  (info) only

·  Myrica californica       [Pacific Waxmyrtle]

·  Oemleria cerasiformis       [Indian Plum]

·  Oplopanax horridum       [Devils Club]

·  Philadelphus lewisii      [Wild Mockorange, Lewis Mockorange]

·  Physocarpus capitatus       [Ninebark, Western Ninebark]

·  Prunus virginiana var. demissa      [Western Chokecherry]

·  Rhododendron macrophyllum       [Pacific Rhododendron]

·  Rhododendron occidentale       [Western Azalea]

·  Rhus diversiloba   (syn. Toxicodendron diversilobum)  [Poison Oak]

·  Rhus glabra    [Smooth Sumac]   

·  Ribes sanguineum       [Flowering Currant]

·  Rosa multiflora       [Multiflora Rose]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Rubus armeniacus (syn. R. discolor, R. procerus)       [Himalayan Blackberry]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Rubus laciniatus       [Evergreen Blackberry]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Rubus spectabilis       [Salmonberry]

·  Sambucus caerulea       [Blue Elderberry]

·  Sambucus racemosa       [Red Elderberry]

·  Shepherdia argentea       [Silver Buffaloberry]

·  Sorbus scopulina       [Greene Mountain-ash, Western Mountain-ash]

·  Sorbus sitchensis       [Sika Mountain-ash]

·  Ulex europaeus       [Common Gorse]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Vaccinium ovatum       [Box Huckleberry, Evergreen Huckleberry]

·  Vaccinium parvifolium       [Red Huckleberry]

·  Viburnum edule       [Mooseberry, Highbush Cranberry]

·  Viburnum ellipticum       [Oregon Viburnum, Western Wayfaring Tree]


Native and Naturalized Oregon Large Shrubs - 5-8 ft (1.5-2.4 m) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Juniperus communis        [Common Juniper]
  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Arctostaphylos columbiana       [Hairy Manzanita]

·  Arctostaphylos patula       [Green Manzanita, Greenleaf Manzanita, Buckbrush]

·  Baccharis pilularis         [Coyote Brush, Chaparral Broom]

·  Berberis aquifolium   (syn. Mahonia aquifolium)       [Oregon Grape]

·  Ceanothus cuneatus       [Narrowleaf Buckbrush, Wedgeleaf Ceanothus, Greasewood]   ---  (info) only

·  Chamaebatiaria millefolium       [Fernbush, Desert Sweet]   

·  Chrysothamnus nauseosus       [Gray Rabbitbrush]

·  Cytisus scoparius       [Scotch Broom]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Gaultheria shallon       [Salal]

·  Myrica gale       [Sweetgale, Bog Myrtle]   

·  Physocarpus malvaceus       [Mallow Ninebark]   ---  (info) only

·  Purshia tridentata       [Bitterbrush, Antelope Bush]

·  Quercus sadleriana       [Sadler Oak, Deer Oak]

·  Rhamnus californica       [California Buckthorn, California Coffeeberry]

·  Rhus trilobata    [Skunkbush Sumac]

·  Ribes aureum       [Golden Currant]

·  Ribes cereum       [Wax Currant]

·  Ribes divaricatum       [Coast Black Gooseberry]

·  Rosa eglanteria       [Sweetbriar Rose]  (Naturalized - invasive)

·  Rosa gymnocarpa       [Little Wood Rose, Wood Rose, Baldhip Rose]   ---  (info) only

·  Rosa nutkana       [Common Wild Rose, Nootka Rose]

·  Rubus leucodermis       [Western Raspberry, Blackcap]

·  Rubus parviflorus       [Thimbleberry]

·  Shepherdia canadensis       [Russet Buffaloberry, Soapberry]

·  Symphoricarpos albus       [Common Snowberry]


Native and Naturalized Oregon Medium Shrubs - 3-5 ft (0.9-1.5 m) high
  Needle- scale-leaved  (conifers)

·  Juniperus communis        [Common Juniper]

  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus      [Green Rabbitbrush]   

·  Leucothoe davisiae       [Sierra, Mountain, or Black Laurel, Western Leucothoe]

·  Potentilla fruticosa       [Bush Cinquefoil]

·  Quercus garryana var. breweri      [Brewer's Oak]

·  Ribes nevadense       [Mountain Pink Currant, Sierra Current]

·  Ribes roezlii       [Sierra Gooseberry]

·  Rosa woodsii       [Woods' Rose]

·  Spiraea douglasii       [Douglas Spirea, Western Spirea]

·  Vaccinium membranaceum      [Big, Mountain, or Blue Huckleberry]


Native and Naturalized Oregon Small Shrubs - 18 inches - 3 ft (45-90 cm) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Arctostaphylos uva-ursi       [Kinnikinick, Bearberry]

·  Ledum glandulosum       [Pacific Labrador-tea]

·  Mahonia nervosa  (syn. Berberis nervosa)       [Longleaf Mahonia]

·  Paxistima myrtifola (syn. Pachistima myrsinites)      [Oregon Boxwood, Mountain Lover]

·  Spiraea betulifolia        [Shiny-leaf, White, or Birchleaf Spirea]   ---  (info) only  

·  Spiraea densiflora        [Mountain Spirea]   

·  Symphoricarpos mollis       [Creeping or Spreading Snowberry]

·  Rubus ursinus       [Trailing Blackberry]  (long canes, may climb on other plants to 20 ft)


Native and Naturalized Oregon Low Growing Shrubs - less than 18 inches (45 cm) high
  Needle- or scale-leaved  (conifers)

  Broad-leaved  (deciduous and evergreen)

·  Cornus canadensis      [Bunchberry]

·  Ceanothus prostratus       [Squawcarpet, Hahale Mat]

·  Fragaria chiloensis       [Sand, Beach or Chilean Strawberry]

·  Linnaea borealis      [Twin-flower]

·  Mahonia repens  (syn. Berberis repens)      [Creeping Mahonia]

·  Oxalis oregana         [Oregon Oxalis]

·  Vancouveria hexandra         [Northern Inside-out Flower]

·  Vancouveria planipetala         [Small Inside-out Flower]

·  Vaccinium cespitosum        [Dwarf Bilberry]

·  Vaccinium deliciosum        [Cascade Bilberry]

·  Vaccinium myritillus        [Whortleberry]

·  Vaccinium scoparium        [Grouse Whortleberry]