Rosa nutkana
Common name: 
Nootka Rose
Common Wild Rose
RO-za nut-KAN-uh
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Deciduous shrub, stout and erect, about 3-6 ft (~1-2 m) tall, thicket forming; stems have few to many stiff prickles ("thorns"), small and large ones intermixed, the larger ones generally are flattened and thick-based and more or less straight.  Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, 5-10 cm long, stipule margins glandular, 5-9 leaflets, each sparsely hairy and glandular, terminal leaflet 20-40 mm long, usually widely elliptic, the base generally rounded, apex obtuse, margins single- to double-toothed and may be glandular.  Flowers commonly borne singly, 5-6 cm across, calyx lobes often leaf-like at tips, petals 2.5-4 cm long, deep pink with a slight magenta tinge (rarely white), fragrant.  Fruit showy red, globose to pear shaped, 1-2 cm wide, without a neck, calyx lobes remain attached.
  • Sun to shade.  Moist to drier soils
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 5      Native to much of the west, from Alaska to northern California and east to the Rocky Mountains.  Wide spread west of the Cacades, less common eastward. Grows in a wide variety of habitats, from sea level to mid elevations.  Needs sun but tolerates some shade, often growing along forest edges, shrubby wetlands, meadows, prairies, and pastures. Several supspecies identified.
  • nutkana: variant of Nootka, name of the Native Peoples inhabiting Vancouver Island in British Columbia and northwest Washington
  • Corvallis: Bruce Starker Park, wetland south of the pond along multi-use path
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  • plant habit, late spring

    plant habit, late spring

  • leaf base (stipules) and stem (prickle)

    leaf base (stipules) and stem (prickle)

  • bud and opening bloom

    bud and opening bloom

  • plant habit, flowering

    plant habit, flowering

  • flowering branch

    flowering branch

  • flower


  • flower and after petal drop

    flower and after petal drop

  • flower, comparison

    flower, comparison

  • fruit, early fall

    fruit, early fall

  • mature fruit

    mature fruit

  • mature fruit, calyx attached

    mature fruit, calyx attached