Woody Plant Identification

This search system employs a plant data base and a series of filters; each filter removes plants from the initial list which lack the particular characteristic selected.  For example, selecting the characteristic “white/gray” under flower color results in a list of plants that have this characteristic, plants not having “white/gray” flowers are removed from the list.  As plant characteristics are selected in a step-wise fashion, the number of plants meeting these criteria will decrease.  When all the characteristics of an unknown plant are selected in a given search, the list of plants, hopefully, will be small enough to allow the user to examine the images and information of each listed plant to determine if any appears to match the unknown. The user is encouraged to select the appropriate characteristics one at a time and observe the effect each has on the plant list.

Woody Broadleaf

Pertaining to plants having broad or relatively broad leaves, rather than needle-like or scale-like leaves.  Examples of broadleaf plants are apple, ash, elm, maple, oak and rhododendron. A few in this category have very narrow leaves (e.g., rosemary, grevillea) but are not conifers so are included in this category.

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Woody Conifer

Any of various mostly needle-leaved or scale-leaved, chiefly evergreen, cone-bearing (or similar) gymnosperm trees or shrubs such as arborvitae, cedar, cypress, juniper, fir, pine, spruce and yew. 

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