Vaccinium ovatum
Common name: 
Box Huckleberry
Evergreen Huckleberry
vak-SIN-ee-um o-VA-tum
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf, evergreen shrub, 3-5(8) ft [0.9-1.5(2.4) m], neat, erect, compact generally, but can have erratic growth habit (e.g., some long erect shoots).  Leaves small, alternate, oval to lanceolate, 4 cm long, toothed, leathery, glossy dark green, generally closely spaced along reddish stems.  (Used in the florist industry.)  Pale pink, urn-shaped flowers borne on short racemes in spring.  Fruit at first is red, turning blue-black in late summer, edible.
  • Sun to part shade
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 7      Found along the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to California.   Introduced into cultivation by David Douglas in 1826.
  • ovatum: ovate, egg-shaped, with broad end at base
  • Corvallis: Central Park, south side, east of Gazebo.
  • Oregon State Univ. campus: east side Gilmore Hall.
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  • plant habit, spring flowering

    plant habit, spring flowering

  • flowering shoot

    flowering shoot

  • leaves and flowers

    leaves and flowers

  • flower and flower buds

    flower and flower buds

  • flower


  • plant habit, spring

    plant habit, spring

  • new growth, spring

    new growth, spring

  • plant habit, summer

    plant habit, summer

  • leafy shoot

    leafy shoot

  • plant habit, fruiting

    plant habit, fruiting

  • leaves and fruit, Sept.

    leaves and fruit, Sept.

  • leaves and fruit, winter

    leaves and fruit, winter