Vaccinium uliginosum
Common name: 
Bog Blueberry
Bog Bilberry
vak-SIN-ee-um ew-li-gi-NO-sum
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf, deciduous shrub, much branched,  erect or prostate, 8-25 inches (20-60 cm) high, may root along branches.  Leaves are oval to elliptic, 1-2 cm long, with a dark green upper surface and lighter below, with conspicuous veins.  Flowers urn-shaped, white to pink, arise from ends or side branches.  Fruit is a blue to black berry with bluish bloom, 5-10 mm diameter.

  • Sun to part shade, best in moist acidic soils high in organic matter, but adapts to different cultural conditions

  • Hardy to USDA Zone 2   This species is widely is distributed throughout Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.  It also occurs south through New England, the northern portions of the Great Lakes States, and western Washington and Oregon.  Bog blueberry is also found in Japan, other parts of Asia, and in Europe.  Often found in bogs and swamps.

  • uliginosum: of swamps and wet places
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  • plant habit, in habitat

    plant habit, in habitat

  • plant habit

    plant habit

  • young shoots

    young shoots

  • shoots


  • leaves and fruit

    leaves and fruit