Malus transitoria Golden Raindrops®
Common name: 
Golden Raindrops Crabapple
MA-lus tran-si-TAWR-e-a
Malus Golden Raindrops
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf deciduous small trees to 20 ft (6 m) tall, primary structure vase-shaped, horizontal spreading branches.  Leaves alternate, simple, deeply cut, 3-5 lobed, green; fall color purplish to reddish gold.  Flowers pink in bud, opening white. Fruit golden yellow, about 6 mm diam., abundant.
  • Sun.  Reportedly excellent resistance to apple scab, cedar-apple rust, and mildew; poor fire blight resistance.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 3.   An introduction of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co; the cultivar name is 'Schmidtcutleaf'.  The company is owner of the trademark name, Golden Raindrops®, which was registered in 1994.  A similar named cultivar, Royal Raindrops®, ('JFS KW5') was derived from Golden Raindrops®. However, it is much different, having pinkish red flowers, deep purple cutleaf foliage, and red fruit.  It was registered in 2003, patent US-PP14375-P2.
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  • plant habit, flowering

    plant habit, flowering

  • end of flowering

    end of flowering

  • flowering branch

    flowering branch

  • flowers and leaves

    flowers and leaves

  • flowers


  • expanding leaves

    expanding leaves

  • leaves, summer

    leaves, summer

  • leaf, summer

    leaf, summer

  • ripening fruit, late summer

    ripening fruit, late summer

  • plant habit, fall fruiting

    plant habit, fall fruiting

  • leaves and fruit, fall

    leaves and fruit, fall

  • ripe fruit

    ripe fruit