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  • Seven species of broadleaf evergreen to semi-evergreen thorny, shrubs, spreading to upright; many cultivars, often with a mixture of species in their background.  Leaves alternate, simple, un-lobed, margin may be entire, crenate or serrate.  Flowers white, 0.5-1 cm, in clusters.  Fruit rounded, red to yellow-orange.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone, mostly 6, 7, or 8     Native range from southern Europe, southwest Asia, the Himalayas, China and Taiwan
  • The seven species are (RHS Dictionary of Gardening):
    • Pyracantha angustifolia: evergreen, yellow-orange fruit, from southwest China, Zone 7.
    • Pyracantha atalantoides: evergreen, red fruit, southeast and west China, Zone 7
    • Pyracantha coccinea [Scarlet Firethorn]: evergreen to semi-evergreen, red fruit, southern Europe to Caucasus Mountains in western Asia, Zone 6, some Zone 5, popular, many cultivars, can be invasive
    • Pyracantha crenatoserrata: evergreen, red fruit, central and western China, Zone 7
    • Pyracantha crenulata [Nepalese White Thorn]: evergreen shrubs or small trees, resembles P. coccinea, orange fruit, northwest China, Zone 7
    • Pyracantha koidzumii [Formosa Firethorn]: evergreen, orange-red fruit, Taiwan, Zone 8
    • Pyracantha rogersiana: evergreen, yellow to orange-red fruit, China, Zone 8
  • Many of the Pyracantha selections available are hybrids of two or more species, Dirr (2009, p.906-8) lists 30, including the popular 'Mohave' (orange-red fruit) and 'Teton' (yellow-orange fruit).
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  • plant habit, flowering

    plant habit, flowering

  • flowers


  • plant habit, flowering and fruiting

    plant habit, flowering and fruiting

  • plant habit, fall fruiting

    plant habit, fall fruiting

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    plant habit, sheared

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    fruiting branches

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    leaves and fruit

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    fruit and leaves

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