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Tall evergreen trees, broad, irregular crown, bark dark gray. Branches with short shoots. Needles stiff, mostly in dense clusters on short shoots. Cedrus are native to the mountains of the southern and southeastern Mediterranean region and the western Himalayas. Formerly considered to include four species, now reduced to two, C. deodara of the Himalayas and C. libani (Cedar of Lebanon) of the Mediterranean. C. atlantica, the most common species used in landscaping is now considered to be a subspecies of C. libani (i.e., C. libani subsp. atlantica), or even just synonymous. Studies by botanists in Turkey and North Africa revealed that the theoretical differences between C. libani and C. atlantica do not hold, the so-called differences proved to be insignificant (van Geldren and van Hoey Smith, 1996). However, it is likely that C. atlantica will continue to be sold under that name for some time.