Vinca major
Common name: 
Large Periwinkle
VING-ka MAY-jor
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Evergreen ground cover, 12-18 inches (30-46 cm) tall, spreading.  Leaves opposite, 2.5-7.5 cm long, entire, broad-base, nearly heat-shaped, glossy dark green.  Flowers solitary, lavender-blue, 3.8-5 cm long, larger than the more common V. minor.
  • Part shade to shade.  Some say it tolerates more sun than V. minor, others say less.  It certainly does well in the shade on moist, well-drained soil.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone (6) 7      Native to southern Europe and western Asia.  Several cultivars differ in leaf shape and color (variegated) and flower color (white, bluish purple, and reddish purple).
  • major: a reference that its leaves are larger than those of V. minor.
  • Oregon State Univ. campus: southwest side of Ag. Strand Hall.
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  • plant habit, new spring growth

    plant habit, new spring growth

  • shoots and flowers

    shoots and flowers

  • flower and leaves

    flower and leaves

  • flowers, comparison

    flowers, comparison

  • leaves, comparison

    leaves, comparison