Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Common name: 
Virginia Creeper
par-then-o-SIS-us kwin-ke-FO-lee-a
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf deciduous vine, 30-50+ ft (9-15 m) long.  Leaves alternate, compound, palmate, 5-leaflets (quinque = 5), some 3, each leaflet stalked and 4-10 cm long, coarsely and often crenately serrate, foliage dark green in summer, purple-red and crimson in fall.  Tendrils, opposite some leaves, are 5-12 branched and end in small adhesive disks.  Flowers yellowish green, small, about 6 mm across, 5 green petals which are curved backward, 5 stamens with large yellow anthers, pistil has a stout style, sepals insignificant or absent; in long-stemmed clusters.  Fruit blue-black, roundish, slightly bloomy, 6 mm across, ripens in fall, 2-3 seeds.  Adhesive tips at tendril ends for attachment.
  • Sun to shade, tolerate of any kind of soil and pollution, salt, and windy conditions.  Difficult to kill.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 3     Native range from New England to Florida and Mexico, west to Missouri.
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  • plant habit, on a wall

    plant habit

  • plant habit, as a hedge

    plant habit, as a hedge

  • leaf, summer

    leaf, summer

  • leaves and immature fruit

    leaves and immature fruit

  • leaves and fruit

    leaves and fruit

  • plant habit, fall

    plant habit, fall

  • plant habit in a woods, fall

    plant habit in a woods, fall

  • leaf, fall

    leaf, fall

  • leaves and fruit, fall

    leaves and fruit, fall