Delonix regia
Common name: 
Royal Poinciana
Flamboyant Tree
dee-LON-iks REE-jee-uh
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Evergreen, tropical tree, it may be deciduous in dry summer s or in mildly cold winters.  They may grow to 30-40 ft tall with a broad spread almost double that, with a flat-topped, umbrella-like crown.   Leaves are compound, doubly pinnate and large, 30-50 cm long with 20-40 pairs of primary leaflets, pinae, each is further divided into 10-20 secondary leaflets.  The flowers are large, with four spreading scarlet or orange-red petals up to 8 cm long and a fifth petal spotted with yellow and white.  They are in clusters at the ends of branches.   The fruit is a flattened, bean-like pod that is at frist green and maturing to dark brown and some 60 cm long.

  • Sun, drought-tolerant, but it is at its best with medium moisture on well-drained soils.  Plants are stressed at temperatures below 50°F.  One enthusiast pined, "possibly the most gorgeous tree in cultivation."

  • Hardy to USDA Zone 10 (tropical)   It is endemic to the Madagascar, where it is now engangered, but it has been introduced into tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide.   According to the Missouri Botanical Garden it can be grown outdoors in the U.S. in the far southern areas of Florida, Texas, Arizona and California plus Hawaii.

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  • plant habit, flowering

    plant habit, flowering

  • flowers and foliage

    flowers and foliage

  • flower


  • leaves


  • flowers, leaves and fruit

    flowers, leaves and fruit

  • fruit


  • trunk, bark

    trunk, bark