Chilopsis linearis
Common name: 
Desert Willow
Flowering Willow
Catalpa Willow
CHEE-lop-is LIN-e-er-os
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf deciduous shrub or small tree, 10-30 ft (3-9 m) tall, open.  Twigs green in the first year then turn gray to reddish-brown.  Leaves alternate and opposite, simple, linear, 8-14 cm long, narrow (2-4 mm wide), margin entire (smooth), pale green; petiole short or sessile.  Flowers trumpet-shaped, pink to light violet about 3 cm long and occur in clusters up to 10 cm long at the end of twigs, appear in spring and often into fall.  Fruit narrow, elongated two-celled pod-like capsule, 10-30 cm long, persist when plant is leafless in winter.
  • Sun or light shade, needs well-drained soil.  Requires pruning to make attractive.  Flowers attract hummingbirds.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 8     Native to southwestern and west Texas, extreme southwestern Utah, southern Nevada, southern California and northern Mexico.  The genus has been divided into subordinate (subspecies or variety) based primarily on leaf morphology and growth form, e.g., var. arcuta and var. glutinosa.  A few cultivars are available, with flower colors of white, pink, lavender, or burgundy.
  • linearis: narrow, with sides nearly parallel; reference to the leaves.
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  • expanding leaves, spring

    expanding leaves, spring

  • plant habit

    plant habit

  • leaves


  • leaves


  • plant habit, flowering and fruiting

    plant habit, flowering and fruiting

  • flowers, fruit and leaves

    flowers, fruit and leaves

  • flowers


  • fruit and leaves

    fruit and leaves

  • trunks, bark

    trunks, bark