Location of plants to be identified and additional information

1.  Evergreen, showy blue flowers 

2.  Deciduous, male and female catkins, female flower has 3 green bracts, a cultivar

3.  Evergreen, native, flowers small and not showy, ripe fruit black       

4.  Deciduous, a cultivar    

5.  Deciduous, showy white flowers, ripe fruit white             

6.  Deciduous            

7.  Deciduous, ripe fruit black      

8.  Evergreen, showy white flowers, ripe fruit purple-black       

9.  Evergreen      

10. Deciduous, fruit red and spherical     

11. Deciduous, showy small yellow flowers, small brown ovoid fruit     

12. Deciduous, showy white “flowers”, ripe fruit red      

13. Deciduous          

14. Deciduous, a cultivar      

15. (not 16 as mislabeled earlier) Evergreen, terminal white flower clusters 

16. (not 17 as mislabeled earlier) Deciduous, native