Common Name: 
Lady's Eardrops

A genus of over 100 species of erect, procumbent, climbing shrubs, as well as epiphytes and small to medium trees.  Underground parts are sometimes tuberous or with swollen stems.  Leaves alternate, opposite or in whorls.  Flowers are mono or bisexual, on slender pedicels (stalks), often pendulous, perianth (calyx + corolla) tubular with a nectary at the base, 4 sepals spreading to recurved, 4 petals or absent, rolled together or spreading, 8 stamens in 2 unequal ranks.  Native to Central and South America, including Mexico and Tierra del Fuego, and New Zealand and Tahiti.  Most fuchsia cultivars are the result of breeding between many different species.
Fuchsia: after Leonhart Fuchs, (1501-1566), German physician and herbalist.

FU-shah, fu-SHI-a