Department of Horticulture

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Oregon Master Gardener Association    

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   J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation

The site contains images and information on over 1,800 landscape plants, mostly woody. Individual plants can be accessed via either the Latin Names (e.g., Acer) or a Common Names (e.g., Maple). Both lists are in alphabetical order; for the Latin Names, from Abelia to Ziziphus and the Common Names from Abelia to Zelkova.

Information on each plant species commonly includes a botanical description, general care, winter hardiness (presented as USDA Zones, from 2 to 10), native range, and an explanation of the Latin epithet. In addition, some plants selected from a species and available in nurseries (i.e., cultivars) are also briefly described (e.g., Acer rubrum Red Sunset®).

Plant Identification:  A search system is available for help in identifying unknown plants. The system relies on a data base that is divided into two major parts, Broadleaf and Conifer plants. The user views a list of observable characteristics of plants and selects those that are represented in the unknown plant. Each selected characteristic filters the total plant list; that is it removes plants that do not match the selected characteristic. When all the appropriate characteristics have been selected, a list of plants having these characteristics remains. Links to images and information of each of these remaining plants are then used to further aid in identifying the unknown plant.  Experience suggests that the user should enter a few plant characteristics then look at the plants listed.  If the list is too long so it is not practical to use in plant identification then enter additional characteristics of the unknown plant.  Repeat the process.

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