Ulmus × 'Frontier'
Common name: 
Frontier Elm
Ulmus 'Frontier'
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf deciduous tree, upright-pyramidal, finally oval shape, about 40 ft tall and 30 ft wide (12 × 9 m), faster growing than male parent, U. parvifolia.  Leaves alternate, simple, reddish when young, variable shape, 6.5-11 cm long and 3-5 cm wide, tip acuminate to obtuse, base unequal, sometimes somewhat wedge-shaped (cuneate), margin serrate, upper glossy green; long-lasting red-purple color in fall.  Rarely flowers, no seed production observed.
  • Sun to partial shade.  Reportedly tolerant of Elm Yellows, Dutch Elm Disease and urban conditions.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 5       This hybrid selection resulted from a controlled pollination of U. carpinifolia [U. minor] with U. parvifolia by A.M. Townsend in 1971 at the USDA station in Delaware, Ohio.  Released by the USDA, US National Arboretum in 1990.
  • Oregon State Univ. campus: northeast Furman Hall, near 15th St. and Jefferson Ave.
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  • new growth

    new growth

  • plant habit, summer

    plant habit, summer

  • shoot


  • leaves, variation

    leaves, variation

  • leaf and margin

    leaf and margin

  • plant habit and leaves, fall

    plant habit and leaves, fall

  • plant habit, fall

    plant habit, fall

  • fall foliage

    fall foliage

  • trunk, bark

    trunk, bark

  • plant habit, winter

    plant habit, winter

  • winter twigs and buds

    winter twigs and buds