Cupressus abramsiana
Common name: 
Santa Cruz Cypress
ku-PRES-us abram-si-A-na
Cupressus goveniana var. abramsiana
Hesperocyparis abramsiana
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Evergreen conifer tree to 15-20 ft (~5-6 m) tall, gray bark fibrous, thin, broken in thick vertical strips or plates.  Branchlets cylindrical to slightly 4-sided, leaves scale-like 1-2 mm long, bright green.  Pollen cones only 3-4 mm long; seed cones about 1.5–-3 cm long, more or less spherical or elliptical, brown.  Seeds 3-–5 mm, dull brown, glaucous or not, rough.
  • Sun
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 8   A rare tree native to the San Francisco Bay Area; more specifically on or near a few sandstone outcrops of the Santa Cruz Mountains at 1500-2600 ft (450-800 m).
  • Now often listed as a variety of the Gowen Cypress (Cupressus goveniana), i.e., C. goveniana var. abramsiana.  Apparently it can be distinguished from other varieties of Gowen Cypress by its large cones, 15-30 mm in diameter, and by its brown and often glaucous seeds (The Gymnosperm Database).
  • abramsiana: named by C.B. Wolf in 1948 to honor LeRoy Abrams (1874-1956), a professor of botany at Stanford University, who collected plants and published several books on California and PNW flora.
  • Santa Cruz, California: U.C. Santa Cruz Arboretum
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    plant habit

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  • branchlets, leaves

    branchlets, leaves

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    cones, closed and open