Arctostaphylos viridissima 'White Cloud'
Common name: 
White Cloud McMinn's Manzanita
White Cloud Whitehair Manzanita
ark-tow-STAF-i-los vir-i-DIS-si-ma
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Evergreen shrub, spreading, to a size of about 4-6 × 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 × 1.2-1.8 m), erect stems, twig have fine pubescence (tomentose) and long, white bristles; bark is rough, shredding, reddish brown.  Leaves simple, alternate, narrowly ovate to oblong-ovate, strongly overlapping, blade about 3 cm long and 2 cm wide, often clasping, margin entire or toothed at base, base truncated to lobed, upper and lower surfaces similar, glossy, bright green and smooth; petiole only 1-4 mm long.  Flowers urn-shaped, white to pinkish, in dense clusters (racemes).  Fruit 10-15 mm wide, sparsely hairy.
  • Sun
  • Hardy to USDA Zone .   The species is native to the northern Channel Islands (east Santa Cruz Island) of California.  The cultivar White Cloud is from a cutting of a selected plant on Santa Cruz Island collected by Bertam G. Johnson in 1979.  The plant was selected for "its profuse snowy-white flowers and its dense, glossy, dark green leaves."
  • viridissima: from viridis, green, viridissima, very green


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  • plant habit, flowering

    plant habit, flowering

  • shoot and flower cluster

    shoot and flower cluster

  • seed cluster and stem

    seed cluster and stem

  • leaves and stem

    leaves and stem