Aralia elata
Common name: 
Angelica Tree
Japanes Angelica
a-RAH-lee-a e-LA-ta
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Broadleaf deciduous shrub or tree, to 45 ft (14 m) high, clump forming.  Stems pithy and irregularly spiny (prickles).  Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, large, 40-80(100) cm long, bipinnate, leaflets ovate to narrow ovate, 6-12 cm long, margin serrate, sometimes remotely, dark green above, somewhat glaucous (whitish/bluish wax or bloom) below, slightly pubescent on veins when young.   Flowers are small, off-white, in broad, terminal clusters about 40 cm long; flowers showy in late summer.   Fruit small, round, fleshy, shiny purple-black.
  • Sun, tolerates diverse soil conditions.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 4         Native to China, far eastern Russia, Korea and Japan.
  • elata: tall, elevated
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  • plant habit, summer flowering

    plant habit, summer flowering

  • flower clusters and leaves

    flower clusters and leaves

  • leaf


  • plant habit, fruiting

    plant habit, fruiting

  • leaf and fruit clusters

    leaf and fruit clusters

  • fruit clusters and leaves

    fruit clusters and leaves

  • ripe and unripe fruit

    ripe and unripe fruit

  • trunk, bark and "thorns"

    trunk, bark and "thorns"