Amelanchier × grandiflora
Common name: 
Apple Serviceberry
am-e-LANG-kee-er gran-di-FLO-ra
Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: 
  • Deciduous tree/shrub, irregular shape, graceful, spreading, 25 ft (8 m) tall and 20-30 ft (6-10 m) wide, often grown as a clump.  Leaves simple, alternate, purplish when unfolding, hairy, but soon becoming smooth, ovate shape, 4.5-8 cm long, green, becoming yellow and orange in fall.  Flowers small, white tinged with pink, in pendent clusters 6-8 cm long; blooms in mid- to late-spring.  Fruit blue-black (some selections red), 6-15 mm across, sweet, juicy.
  • Sun or part shade   
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 4      A natural hybrid of Amelanchier arborea × Amelanchier laevis; it has been in cultivation since 1870.  Cultivars are more often planted, including:
    •  Autumn Brilliance®  -  brilliant red fruit, orange-red fall color.
    • ‘Forest Prince’  -  white flowers opening along the length of the stems, not just at the tip, orange-red fall color..
    • ‘Princes Diana’  -  slow growing, red fall color.
    • ‘Robin Hill’  -  compact, pink-tinged buds.
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  • Amelanchier — grandiflora

    Amelanchier — grandiflora