Common Name: 
Trumpet Creeper

Two species of deciduous vines, climbing by aerial roots.  Leaves opposite, compound (odd-pinnate), leaflets serrated.  Flowers funnelform to campanulate, tube curved and expanded to 6 mm diameter, orange, 4 stamens.  Fruit a 2-valved, dehiscent capsule.  Native to North America (Campsis radicans) and eastern Asia (Campsis grandiflora).  There is also a hybrid between the two species, Campsis ×tagliabuana.  It originated in the nursery of the Tabliabue brothers of Laniate, near Milan, Italy.  Some consider the selection ‘Mme. Galen’ as one of the finer hybrids.
Campsis: from the Greek kampsis, bending, referring to the curved stamens.