Common Name: 

Perennials, subshrubs, shrubs, or trees, some 350–450 species, through the temperate regions of the Western Hemisphere, especially in South America, grow from 4 inches to 20 ft ( 0.1–6 m) high; usually dioecious - male and female plants.  Stems usually erect or ascending, often resinous.  Leaves alternate, blades 1- or 3-nerved, linear to obovate or rhombic, often gland-dotted and resinous.  Flowers small, often inconspicuous and bunched into clusters, male (staminate) flowers white to pale yellow, female (pistillate) florets 20–150 per cluster, whitish.
Baccharis: in honor of the Roman god Bacchus, the god of wine, "allusion obscure, perhaps used originally for different plant".