Common Name: 
Serviceberry, Sarvissberry, Juneberry

About 25 species of deciduous shrubs or small trees.  Leaves alternate, simple, entire or sharply serrate.  Flowers white in small clusters (racemes), 5 petals, 10-20 stamens, and 2-5 pistils.   Fruit globose, purple to maroon.  Native to North America, Europe and Asia.
Amelanchier: the French name for A. ovalis.
Serviceberry:  "It is from the fruits that the Sarrvissberry takes its name, for the word is a transformation of the sorbus given by the Romans to a related kind of fruit.   Sarviss is a good Shakespearean English form of the most classic Latin, whereas Serviceberry is meaningless as a name, or is at least a genteel corruption of an older and more scholarly form." (Peattie, 1966, p. 336).